Where to find books

There are plenty of free books across the internet and hopefully most towns still have a local library. Please don’t buy books from Amazon. Owned by the world’s richest man, Amazon certainly do not need and nor do they deserve your money.

Local Bookshops

Support your local, independent bookshop. If you’re in isolation, contact a shop near you to explain your situation and to ask if they’d be happy to deliver your purchase. In the UK, Hive lets you search local independent bookshops with a percentage of your purchase going towards a shop of your choosing.

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Free eBooks

For eReaders, you can find a wealth of classics for FREE on websites such as Project Gutenberg. Independent publisher Verso Books reguarly make eBooks available for free from their wonderful collection too.

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Free Audiobooks

You can often find free audiobooks on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services. There are a wealth of free audiobooks available at the likes of Loyal Books. They have a wide selection of classics and an easy to navigate website.

Loyal Books ︎︎︎


If you’d like to buy eBooks or audio books, it’s easy to find them in places other than Amazon. Local bookshops often sell them online. One of my favourite finds of late is the Verso Book Club – for as little as £5 a month you can receive a multitude of eBooks for any device every month.

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Secondhand Books

Buy books secondhand online. As well as being a more sustainable approach, you can find most books far cheaper than elsewhere. If visuals is your jam, it’s a grand way to get your hands on a wonderful variety of covers.

World of Books ︎︎︎
Oxfam (UK) ︎︎︎
eBay ︎︎︎


A novel (pun intended) idea for sourcing books is the humble library. Contact yours and discuss the process of borrowing & buying during the pandemic. Many libraries also have a wealth of online resources which aren’t always limited to your postcode. In a small town? Check out what state libraries have to offer

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